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Enjoy luxury health holidays on Ibiza or the Swiss Alps. The Bootcamp is the ideal combination of a professional sports program and a gourmet detox diet. Each week delivers guests the benefits of improved fitness, flexibility and a natural energy high. You will return home full of energy, more muscle mass, less body fat and the motivation to keep up a healthy lifestyle. It is not only designed for athletes, but for all people who want to change their lifes to become more fit and healthy.


Mornings will begin with a gentle jog, walk or light run, followed by some basic stretching to get you started for the day. The rest of the daily program is based on modern training methods to build up muscle strength and fitness, like circuit training, boxing, interval training or TRX. The full-day program ends with a yoga session to stretch and improve flexibility, leaving you refreshed to enjoy your evening. The coaches are specifically trained to meet all your demands, so that each participant is encouraged to reach his or her personal level - from absolute beginner to top athlete.


A healthy and balanced nutrition is a requirement for physical fitness. The well-balanced freshly prepared meals by the personal chef include all nutrients and supplements necessary to support your training. All meals consist of light, innovative food that makes use of the highest quality, like fresh local fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry - all organic, whenever possible.


Afterall, it's a holiday! During your retreat, there will be plenty of time to relax by the pool, have a nap after lunch or take a quiet walk in the area. With each day offering a wide range of fun and healthy activities, you will find that it's easy to enjoy a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed and eager to start another day.

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