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International Summer Camp Montana

International Summer Camp Montana is a privately owned and operated camp in the Swiss Alps, for boys and girls from all over the world, from 8-17 years of age. The philosophy of the camp is to provide both an outdoor and healthy living experience, through sport, activity and learning in a creative and wholesome environment. Through the wide range of activities offered, the campers are enriched in mind, body and spirit. Being an international camp, each camper has the opportunity to broaden their outlook on life by meeting people from different countries and varied backgrounds. The combination of recreational, educational and social activities with co-operative living enables each camper to acquire maturity and independence essential to their own well-being.


Every year over 1200 campers come from many different cultures and represent upwards of 50 nations. Whilst campers are placed in groups by their gender, boys and girls are accommodated on separate floors. The camp is divided in four age sections: Juniors 8-9, Pioneers 10-11, Champions 12-13 and Seniors 14-17 years

On average there are eight campers per group and generally accommodation is in rooms of four. The programs for each section are made appropriate with the ability, endurance and resourcefulness of that age level. With many different languages spoken at camp and English being the main one, our international campers have an option to enroll in English, French or Spanish language courses which are taught in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


The Summer Camp's main building is a solid stone house, overlooking playing fields, rich apline forests, a mountain lake and the stunning Rhone Valley. Six additional buildings include a large chalet and accommodation is available for a total of 380 campers. Rooms are sunny and well-equipped, with most having wide balcony areas. Each floor has several showers and bathroom facilities. The main building includes a panoramic dining hall, a clubroom, a camp lounge and seven classrooms.


The program section comprises of some 120 counselors, sports instructors and language teachers. Staff members are carefully chosen on the basis of their age, education, experience, maturity and ability to work with children. Four resident nurses and an on-call physician are responsible for the health of our campers and staff.

A professional chef supervises the preparation of excellent French-style food with an international flavour. Our desserts and pastries are homemade. Special diets for children with food allergies can be catered for upon request.

Summer Camp
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